Tattoo Artistry by Lexy McClain

We are very excited about our new addition here The Studio! 



Lexy McClain is an amazing artist! We describe her as an artist who tattoos, not a tattoo artist. You hear that term tattoo artist a lot but we feel there is a big difference!

Lexy was an artist long before she started tattooing. Several of her paintings decorate our new studio. Her eye for design and layout, as well as the amazing ideas that come into her mind when she is designing custom artwork truly show her artistic talent! A good example of this is that if you were to bring in a rose that you wanted tattooed that you got off the internet, she would want to take the time to customize it completely.  To draw it up so that it would be YOUR rose. Not just something that anyone else could also bring in and get tattooed.

It's that extra caring, which is a quality that comes naturally, meaning it cannot be taught, along with her personality and the quality of her character as a person that made us fall in love with her and welcome her as a member of The Studio! 



We have opened up a unique and one of a kind completely private

Tattoo Artistry Studio!

Most traditional tattoo shops have several booths with several artists all working in an open space. 

In keeping with our motto, "It's About The Experience!", when you are getting your tattoo artistry done, no one but you and whoever you choose to bring with you will be in with you!

This means that one else, meaning strangers or people that you do not know, will be getting tattooed next to you.

No one will be walking up to look at you while you are getting your new body art. 

We feel that your tattoo experience should be yours alone!

Our Tattoo Artistry Studio is a comfortable place where you can enjoy your tattoo experience either by yourself or with your friends and family. 



We have one Artist only and in keeping up with our high standards of how we practice our body art, she is one of the best tattoo artists in the area. 

Although in truth we do not refer to Lexy as a tattoo artist.

We refer to her as an Artist who tattoos!

There's a big difference in our opinion!

Lexy McClain is not only an amazing artist, she is an amazing person.  She cares about all of the clients she works with.  Lexy puts all of her amazing artistic skills into every piece that she does.

Whether its a small one or or a full body piece all of her work shows her amazing skill as an artist. 




Our new studio is one of a kind in so many different ways.