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discounts & deals

Year-Round Discounts

  • Military Discount (for retired and active duty service members including dependents): 10% off your jewelry choice with a new piercing!

  • Emergency Personnel Discount (includes policemen, firemen, and EMT's): 10% off your jewelry choice with a new piercing!

  • Senior Discount (age 65+): 10% off your jewelry choice with a new piercing!

  • Birthday Discount! We love Birthdays! If you come in for a new piercing the week of your Birthday you will receive 15% off of your jewelry choice! This applies to new piercings only.  Or, if you come in on your actual Birthday, you can get 15% off the jewelry of your choice!  You do not have to get pierced to receive this special discount but you MUST come in on your actual Birthday. If your Birthday falls on a Holiday or on a day we are closed, you MUST come in on either the LAST business day before or the FIRST business day after your Birthday. No Exceptions. One Birthday Discount per person!

  • All Discounts except for the on your actual Birthday discount are good for jewelry purchased for a new piercing.


Temporary and Ever-Changing   Discounts and Deals

For the most up-to-date information on discounts and deals, follow our social media accounts. All of our temporary discounts and deals will be posted on Facebook, Instagram,

These discounts can and usually will be completely in-the-moment! It could be as simple as me waking up one day and deciding to give 10 of you Facebook or Instagram followers $5 off for the heck of it! Pay attention and check back often because with me you just never know!


Unless otherwise explicitly-stated, ALL discounts listed and offered on this site and by Body Piercing By Qui Qui are presumed to only be applicable towards jewelry cost and piercing party costs. Also, it is to be presumed that each individual may only use one discount per visit unless otherwise specifically stated.

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