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Qui Qui

With over 26 years of performing my art I am proud to say that I am the most experienced professional body piercer in Southwest Missouri. I stopped counting how many piercings I'd performed when I reached 28,000 over 12 years ago. 
I have a true passion for my craft and I care about the people that I pierce.
I am known for providing you with the most thorough aftercare instructions and follow up care available. My aftercare instructions are unique and are based upon my extensive knowledge of what works best to ensure your piercing will heal correctly.  
The level of care I provide and the comfort with which I perform my craft is unsurpassed. 
If you look through my FaceBook page long enough I can almost guarantee that you will see someone that you know! In fact, if you've heard of me or were pierced by me chances are it was because you were referred to me by a friend or a family member!

Anyone can pay to advertise and say anything they want.

I am very proud of the fact that my reputation is due solely to word of mouth referrals!
I am an artist and a very unique individual.
Those of you who've met me know this! 
I look at each and every one of you as the unique individuals that you are and I take care of you in a way that will leave you understanding why your friends or family referred me!


My motto is "It's about the experience!"  

I guarantee your piercing experience with me will be one that you'll always remember!

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