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Want to book me and the studio privately for you and your friends? You can! You can schedule a party for any event you are wanting to celebrate! Whether it's a birthday, promotion, graduation, or something else! With 4 or more participants I'll close down the studio for you and your invited guests only! 


For more information and to schedule your party, please call us during business hours at 1-417-501-8894

  • You can see a piercing starting option price list under the FAQ section on our website. 

  • EACH client getting pierced at the party will need to do the $20 deposit that holds your spot and goes towards your Piercing Service Fee when you come in. 

  • Call the Studio at 417-501-8894 if you have any questions. 

What This Means
  • Only the guests you invite will be allowed in the building during your party. No line no waiting and no one waiting behind you!

  • Each guest gets 15% off of their jewelry choice for their new piercing!

  • Arrive early to do paperwork and pick out jewelry. 

  • All guests under 18 years of age must be checked in with their legal guardian if they will be getting pierced (the legal guardian has to sign off on any piercings the minor plans to get)

  • No smoking is allowed inside the building.

  • No alcohol is allowed at the party.


Deposits and any payments made upon scheduling are non-refundable. If you want to reschedule, you will have one chance to do so. Please cancel 72+ hours before your party. If you cancel less than 72 hours before your party, there will be a rescheduling fee equal to $20 (minimum) or $10 per each hour your party is scheduled for (for parties scheduled 3+ hours) when you go to reschedule. Please reschedule within 30 days from the date your party was originally scheduled for (your party can be rescheduled for after those 30 days, you just have to reschedule within that time). If you reschedule after those 30 days, any deposits you made for the original party will not count toward your rescheduled party. Click here to see our full Cancellation Policy.

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