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our promise to you

Our primary focus is and always will be on you, the client. To us, you are all real people who are unique and not just a name on a list of who's next or a number. You can't put a time on piercings. As Individuals you will have different needs, different questions, and perhaps even need special accommodations. Qui Qui is experienced with piercing both para and quadrilplegics and can adapt to any particular situation as needed. His approach to piercing is as an artform. We think of the human body as the medium with which we work and Qui Qui will leave his mark on you in the form of a beautiful piece of art.

All people are shaped differently so Qui Qui will always approach every piercing based upon your individual anatomy. Qui Qui often gets asked, "where do you put a nose piercing?" (for example) and he always says "where I put it is where I put it on you!" We encourage any and all questions and we feel that making sure that you know how to properly take care of your piercing is just as important as having it performed correctly. Qui Qui's aftercare instructions are thorough and yet simple and easy to follow. Qui Qui also has the experience and knowledge needed to be able to safely perform new piercings that you may have come up with. By the same token, he won't do any piercing that he thinks is dangerous in any way or won't heal properly. Some of the things you may have seen pierced on the internet are things that should not be pierced! Also, not every piercing will work with every one. If Qui Qui doesn't feel a piercing will work out well due to your anatomy or any other issues, he will tell you and not just go ahead, pierce you, and take your money.


We treat and take care of all of our clients like we would want ourselves or our family taken care of. It takes more than just skill and knowledge to perform a piercing. It takes a good bedside manner, so to speak, and we are always in tune with and aware of how our clients are doing. We love what we do! If Qui Qui has pierced you then you know that's true and if Qui Qui is piercing you, you'll see it too!

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