Sell your artwork and jewelry at body piercing by qui qui

Who  can ?

Any local artist can apply to sell his/her artwork and/or jewelry at Body Piercing By Qui Qui. If you made it, you can sell it! We want to support local artists in any way that we can. Just apply & we may very well sell your artwork and/or jewelry at our studio!

How does it work?

First, you'll come in & fill out some paperwork pertaining to the item(s) you're putting up for sale at Body Piercing By Qui Qui. We'll keep your item on display for 30 days or until it's sold, whichever comes first. If it isn't sold within 30 days, we will return it to you. If it is sold, we'll take out 10% of how much you decided to sell it for as a fee for displaying your item. You will be notified upon it being sold and will receive the remaining 90% of your profit.

Your Rights as an Artist

We will always tell customers who created each item if they ask or buy the item. In addition, you can leave your card or some other identifier with your artwork or jewelry.